Topic: Who's your favorite D&D/Pathfinder Villain?

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    Deus Ex

    D&D is over forty years old and Pathfinder has five years under its belt as well now. So who’s your favorite villain and why? Is it Soth? Vecna? Verminaard? Artemis? Rovagug? Lamashtu? Maybe Asmodeus?

    Lets hear who you love to hate and why.



    Most of my D&D experience happened a long time ago, so i am going to with with Lolth as my favorite, I guess mostly because she was the most developed villian at the time I played.


    Deus Ex

    Lolth is a good one, been a while since I’ve thought about her. Have you read the Drizzt/Dark Elf trilogy? She’s not in it per se but she figures in it strongly as a source of evil, good books too, even as much as Drizzt is over hyped.

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